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$900.00 Regular Price
$630.00Sale Price

Buy a year long membership to the EROTICA TIER images on this site! 
This tier gives you:

  • News shoots and deep thoughts. I am posting blogs and photosets that can be downloaded and you can order exclusive prints!
  • Will add you on the snapchat so you can see behind the scenes in real time of my crazy shoots and adventures! Tired of Snapchats of peoples dogs, and their kid nephew??? My Snapchat isn't nearly that boring. 
  • An EXCLUSIVE ONE-OF-A-KIND Polaroid taken during that months shoots.
  • Get access to my MORE ADULT ORIENTED EROTICA SHOOTS! That's right... all the fun erotica, videos and photosets of your favorite models!

    We do not offer refunds for any reason on these purchases. They are a one time charge, they do not reoccur and there is no guarantee that price you purchase in at will be available once your year has expired.